The PrideGo team believes that Go/Baduk/Weiqi should be accessible to everybody, regardless of who they are. With greater LGBT+ representation, the Go community can be made more vibrant and inclusive than ever before. The PrideGo team is dedicated to bringing these communities together, and currently focuses on facilitating LGBT+ involvement in Go by way of scholarships for the annual US Go Congress.

The PrideGo initiative began with the First Annual Pride Month Rengo tournament that was organized over the span of five days leading up to June 27th, the last Sunday of Pride Month in 2021. The event was hosted on KGS, and live commentary was broadcast on Twitch. With the help of some generous donors and volunteers, we raised over a thousand dollars for QORDS, a summer music camp for LGBT+ youth in the American south.

At the time, no queer-oriented Go-related funds existed. At an AGF meeting during the 2021 e-Go Congress, Eva-Dee from the AGA Committee of Diversity and Inclusion proposed the establishment of an LGBT+ youth scholarship to send youth and young adults in LGBT+ communities to Go Congress. The proposal was enthusiastically approved, and we immediately began plans for fundraising. Future proceeds will benefit the AGF to fund this scholarship.